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Clip-Lok boxes for the safe transport of Doppler radars

Clip-Lok boxes for the safe transport of Doppler radars

This set of Clip-Lok boxes is used to transport the various components of Doppler radars. The custom-built boxes are assembled with externally fitted spring steel clips which are easy to insert and remove. No nails or screws are used. These robust boxes use various types of dunnage to ensure that the sensitive equipment arrives safely and undamaged every time.

Clip-Lok boxes:

  • are quick and easy to assemble.
  • are made of certified environment-friendly plywood.
  • can be stacked without the need for racking.
  • can be customized to withstand a pressure of up to 15 tons.
  • are suitable for transport by road, rail, sea or air.


A heavy and bulky mainframe is held in place with special dunnage and straps. The space around the main frame is used for various accessories.


The radar discs are packed separately. The clipped box has smooth surfaces and no nails which could damage the discs.


Expert craftsmanship and finishing work ensure that the box will hold up under any transport situation.


Orange Skid-Mate cushions mounted under the boxes absorb shock and vibration to further protect the electronics under transport.