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Clip-Lok expendable box for stereo sound systems

Clip-Lok expendable box for stereo sound systems

This box is one of a series of Clip-Lok boxes designed to protect a top-end stereo system while in transit to the buyer. All of the protective padding and supports are an integrated part of the box construction, so there are no loose parts to position and therefore no risk of incorrect or inadequate packaging.

Clip-Lok expendable boxes:

  • are fully recyclable
  • are assembled with high quality spring steel clips.
  • can be easily and quickly flat-packed, reducing storage volume by up to 80%.
  • are suitable for transport by road, rail, sea or air.



Integrated black foam dunnage secures the stereo in precise position. The top and sides of the box are easily removed for better access when loading the box.


The dunnage ensures that the high-gloss lacquer finish and gold detailing are not damaged. The box lid is also padded. The accessories box fits in its own compartment.


The box is printed with important information. A clip removal tool is integrated into pallet base. If desired, the flatpacked box can be stored to ensure that the stereo system can be safely moved later on.