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Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible box for military tents

Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible box for military tents

This large, durable box is designed for transporting and storing DRASH military tents. These tents must often be set-up quickly upon arrival on site. The nail-free, easy access Clip-Lok box is therefore the ideal packaging. Upon arrival, the emptied box can be flat-packed and stored until the tents need to be shipped again.

Clip-Lok boxes:

  • can be stacked without the need for racking.
  • can be customized to withstand a pressure of up to 15 tons.
  • can be easily and quickly flat-packed, reducing transport and storage volume by up to 80%.
  • can be reused – typically over 100 transports with normal handling.
  • are suitable for transport by road, rail, sea or air.


The Clip-Lok box is a good solution for large, bulky loads. The clipped box has smooth surfaces and no nails which could damage the tents.


Removable box sides offer easy access for loading the large tent bundles. This box has a tough polyurea coating on all external surfaces for added weather protection.


Once loaded, the box sides and top can be quickly and easily clipped into place.


Clip-Lok boxes are certified with numerous military specifications (e.g. MIL 1660; MIL-810-STD) as well as for UN hazardous goods.