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Clip-Lok reusable box for aircraft engine nozzles

Clip-Lok reusable box for aircraft engine nozzles

This extremely protective reusable box with fully foam-lined compartments was designed for shipping composite nozzles for aircraft engines. The box sides can be removed, giving access to 18 compartments on each side. Hinged clips make handling fast and easy. The box is ideal for shipping directly to the assembly line.

Clip-Lok boxes:

  • can be stacked without the need for racking.
  • are assembled with high quality spring steel clips.
  • can be customized to withstand a pressure of up to 15 tons.
  • can be reused – typically over 100 transports with normal handling.
  • are suitable for transport by road, rail, sea or air.


Robust XLPE foam-lined plywood dunnage keeps the nozzles securely loaded and fully protected from damage. There is no need for additional packaging material so there is no waste to dispose of.


There are 18 numbered compartments on each side of the box, so 36 nozzles can be transported in each box. The box can be opened from either side.


The box is painted with epoxy paint and printed with a logo and information. A reversible sign is used to indicate whether the box is full or empty. Hinged clip retainers keep the clips fastened to the box panels.


Heavy-duty plywood and spring steel clips ensure safe transport of the nozzles. Worn or damaged box panels are replaceable, extending the life and economy of the box. The integrated pallet base allows 4-way handling.