Press Releases


Clip-Lok reusable box for a large glass and aluminum sculpture

This set of boxes was designed to transport the components of a large glass sculpture. Exactly according to the artist’s wishes, robust foam dunnage holds each component in exact position to ensure damage-free transport. Quality plywood, spring steel clips and shock absorbing cushions further ensure full protection. Clip-Lok boxes: are made of certified environment-friendly plywood. […]

Clip-Lok reusable wheeled box for cots designed for disaster relief situations

This is a cost-saving solution for transporting foldable cots. A relief organization needed a box that was robust and easy to handle in any environment without the need for a forklift. This wheeled box meets those requirements and it can be flat-packed so it takes up very little storage space between shipments. Clip-Lok boxes: are […]

Clip-Lok boxes for the safe transport of Doppler radars

This set of Clip-Lok boxes is used to transport the various components of Doppler radars. The custom-built boxes are assembled with externally fitted spring steel clips which are easy to insert and remove. No nails or screws are used. These robust boxes use various types of dunnage to ensure that the sensitive equipment arrives safely […]

Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible box for military tents

This large, durable box is designed for transporting and storing DRASH military tents. These tents must often be set-up quickly upon arrival on site. The nail-free, easy access Clip-Lok box is therefore the ideal packaging. Upon arrival, the emptied box can be flat-packed and stored until the tents need to be shipped again. Clip-Lok boxes: […]

Clip-Lok expendable box for stereo sound systems

This box is one of a series of Clip-Lok boxes designed to protect a top-end stereo system while in transit to the buyer. All of the protective padding and supports are an integrated part of the box construction, so there are no loose parts to position and therefore no risk of incorrect or inadequate packaging. […]

Clip-Lok reusable box for aircraft engine nozzles

This extremely protective reusable box with fully foam-lined compartments was designed for shipping composite nozzles for aircraft engines. The box sides can be removed, giving access to 18 compartments on each side. Hinged clips make handling fast and easy. The box is ideal for shipping directly to the assembly line. Clip-Lok boxes: can be stacked […]

Clip-Lok returnable boxes for transport of heavy duty truck windshields

Clip-Lok SimPak® is now manufacturing boxes for the transport of heavy glass loads for a new line of heavy duty trucks launched in 2013. The transport of large glass windshields provides a unique packaging challenge for truck, automobile and glass manufacturers. Because of the size, weight and fragility of the cargo, an extremely robust box […]

Clip-Lok SimPak cooperation with automotive industry for 25 years

Clip-Lok SimPak® continues a 25 year long cooperation with the automotive industry – this time with a 2P box custom designed for shipping truck side windows directly to the assembly line The Clip-Lok 2P solution offers a number of advantages over traditional packaging. The name 2P – or two-part – means that the box has […]

Clip-Lok SimPak protecting quality sound

When a company produces an absolute top-end electronic product, it requires absolute top-end packaging to keep it protected during the trip to its new owner The manufacturer of state-of-the-art fully digital, integrated sound systems entrusted Clip-Lok SimPak® to design the packaging used to deliver these systems to their customers. In cooperation with the manufacturer, Clip-Lok […]

Clip-Lok reusable box for mobile flood protection panels

When floods threaten, it is critical to get flood barriers on site and set-up as quickly as possible. The world leader in mobile flood protection chose Clip-Lok SimPak® as their packaging partner for this purpose. The main challenge was to make a box that was strong enough to carry the heavy panels during many trips […]