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Clip-Lok reusable box for a large glass and aluminum sculpture

This set of boxes was designed to transport the components of a large glass sculpture. Exactly according to the artist’s wishes, robust foam dunnage holds each component in exact position to ensure damage-free transport. Quality plywood, spring steel clips and shock absorbing cushions further ensure full protection. Clip-Lok boxes: are made of certified environment-friendly plywood. […]

Clip-Lok reusable wheeled box for cots designed for disaster relief situations

This is a cost-saving solution for transporting foldable cots. A relief organization needed a box that was robust and easy to handle in any environment without the need for a forklift. This wheeled box meets those requirements and it can be flat-packed so it takes up very little storage space between shipments. Clip-Lok boxes: are […]

Clip-Lok boxes for the safe transport of Doppler radars

This set of Clip-Lok boxes is used to transport the various components of Doppler radars. The custom-built boxes are assembled with externally fitted spring steel clips which are easy to insert and remove. No nails or screws are used. These robust boxes use various types of dunnage to ensure that the sensitive equipment arrives safely […]
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