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Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible box for military tents

This large, durable box is designed for transporting and storing DRASH military tents. These tents must often be set-up quickly upon arrival on site. The nail-free, easy access Clip-Lok box is therefore the ideal packaging. Upon arrival, the emptied box can be flat-packed and stored until the tents need to be shipped again. Clip-Lok boxes: […]

Clip-Lok expendable box for stereo sound systems

This box is one of a series of Clip-Lok boxes designed to protect a top-end stereo system while in transit to the buyer. All of the protective padding and supports are an integrated part of the box construction, so there are no loose parts to position and therefore no risk of incorrect or inadequate packaging. […]

Clip-Lok reusable box for aircraft engine nozzles

This extremely protective reusable box with fully foam-lined compartments was designed for shipping composite nozzles for aircraft engines. The box sides can be removed, giving access to 18 compartments on each side. Hinged clips make handling fast and easy. The box is ideal for shipping directly to the assembly line. Clip-Lok boxes: can be stacked […]
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